domingo, noviembre 29, 2015

If not.

Do you love someone?
Then show them.
If not, then let somebody love them.

Do you really care about someone?
Then prove it.
If not, then leave.

Are you always reminiscing about the good days?
Then you can create new ones together.
If not, then you don't even remember them.

Are you really happy with someone?
Then fight for them.
If not, why are you with them.

Do you miss them?
Then invite them over.
If not, you won't even talk to them in days.

Do you really wish them the best?
Then believe in them.
If not, then don't pretend like you do.

Do you really want them to be ok?
Then learn to prioritize.
If not, you'd think about yourself first.

Do you really want to see them?
Then go and see them, it doesn't take that much time.
If not, then you'd make up excuses.

Do you really see what they're doing for you?
Then appreciate it, and give them some love back.
If not, go ask somebody because you're not appreciating all their effort.

Do you really want to help them?
Then don't leave them alone when they're at their worst.
If not, then don't say anything.

Do you really to spend time with them?
Then go and surprise them, go see them for no reason.
If not, then it should feel like an obligation to be with them.

Are you afraid of losing them?
Then let them know.
If not, don't waste their time.

Do you want them back?
Then it's too late. 
You left and somebody's doing what you didn't.

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